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How to Make Video from PPT Microsoft 2010

How to Make a Video From PowerPoint Presentation

In this tutorial i am explain complete how to make video from PPT 2010. If you want to make a video in power point presentation from photos and wallpapers, see our website about creating  PPT slideshows.
Microsoft PowerPoint is a popular to make a video to add a powerful element to seminars in education, business projects. etc.. But the Power point presentation format needed that the watcher has a desktop  with Microsoft 2010. Google provide Microsoft application with different features.
Microsoft 2010 is a best application to make a video in Windows PC every one easily understood that PPT. In this Application have more feature, animation to create  different styles and easily we can make video without any tool. If you want make a video then you can go and install the Microsoft 2010.
  • How to make a video in Microsoft 2010 Power Point Presentation clearly we mentioned step by step process.
  • First you install Microsoft 2010 Application in your Windows .
  • Create Your PPT like Business Purpose or Education Purpose.
ppt video cretion

  • After creating  PPT save your file in your PC.
ppt video creation with music

  • After save your file then click t Save&send button.
ppt video makeing

  • Select Create a Video and save your video file in your PC.
video creation with ppt

Sunday, 9 April 2017

How to Improve Organic Traffic to Your Website

How to Increase Organic Traffic to Your Website

In this article am explain complete guide how to improve traffic to your blog or website. Firstly why to improve traffic on your website? Because to improve your business through the online. Why many people are like SEO? It is one part to get more and genuine traffic to your website. There are two ways improve traffic to your website, one is free of cost like SEO, another one is pay per click (PPC). Many people so much confused which one is the best. These two strategies very important to improve website traffic. Now am explain which one is good, which strategy to use we get more traffic with least time. 
SEO is nothing but search engine optimization. This is one process when a user searches a query in search engine whatever process going is called SEO. In SEO have more tactics to improve traffic and to improve your business, is the best strategy of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic and quality backlinks. Present days many People like SEO because cheap and best to get more traffic with least time. In this strategy mainly we focus on High PR Websites like High Domain Authority Website. When you get more High PR backlinks in your blogger automatically to improve your website pages, Alexa Rank and Traffic. Alexa Rank also one of the important to your website. SEO mainly divided into two parts one is On-page optimization and Off-page optimization.
On-page: In search engine optimization, on-page optimization introduces to factors that have a reaction on your Web site or Web page listing in organic search results. These factors are managed by you or by coding on your web page. Examples of on-page optimization involve with HTML code, Title Tag, Meta tags, Meta Dec keyword placement and keyword density. These factors are done in admin part like in site of your website.
Off-page: Off-Page optimization is the part of SEO. It does not involve website content. Off-Page optimization will hold completely outside of the websites. For ex: creating High-quality backlinks for your website is one part in Off-page optimization. There are many important components that can infect the Off-page strategy of any website. In the off-page optimization have more strategies in SEO (Directory Submission, Social Bookmarking, Blog Submission, Article Submission, and Social Media) Social Media strategy is an important part of SEO it can easy way to get more traffic with least time to compare another strategy. Completely Off-page Optimization strategy will explain in another post click here.
Pay Per Click (PPC): PPC stands for pay per click is a type of internet marketing. Search engine advertising is best creating of PPC. It enables advertisers it has some constant bid (click per rate) for ad placement in a search engine's sponsored links when a user searches on a query like a keyword that is linked to their business offering (advertising). If we bid change every day dependent upon your computations.
How To Create a Free Website Using Blogger
How to Get More Website Traffic Through Facebook

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How to Get More Website Traffic Through Facebook

How to Gain More Traffic on Facebook | How to Get More Traffic on Facebook Page

In this article, I explain my opinion how to get more website traffic through Facebook. Present days everyone uses social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn to compare all social media accounts every one uses Facebook because it is an easy way to use and easily understudied I mean how to post images or how to share some information on Facebook. If you share anything on your account it can easily to share everyone. To improve traffic on Facebook has more options first, we focus users like friends then automatically it reaches too many users. Someone have doubt to improve users on our Facebook account how to get more traffic. Whenever you post website link or any information on your Facebook account it can reach to all your friends anyone click your website link and share your post or like it automatically reach to more friends like chain method, for example, your account have one person his name “SAI” he liked or share your post whatever you posted that post to share “SAI” friends.

Second, If you create pages on your account dependent upon your business for example going to start online tutorial “Education” you can create one page for “online tutorial” you can share all information about tutorials like you website hyperlink, education information, and tutorial new updates etc.. After creating page mainly to focus users (like your page members) when you get more users easily you get more traffic. To give all information on your page about us, contact us, Contact number etc..
Third, Connect with more groups depend upon your business. There also mainly we focus and to join on bulk member groups like a number of friends in groups it is important because whatever you shared a post on your page that link to share you joined groups it can reach to all there also follow chain method. Your post reaches more members then automatically gets more traffic and gets more like your page.

Monday, 3 April 2017

How To Redirect One Page To Another Page in Blogger

How To Fix 404 Error Not Found | How To Redirect New Page

Best encouragement provides complete guiding about how to redirect old page to new page in blogger because it is very useful to stop 404 errors on your old page that you want to delete or correct wrong URL. Why do you want to redirect your old page? Because it’s already been posted in my blog and to get more traffic to our posted blogs, we have to make some sort of way to redirect our old page to new page so that traffic will be increased as well as 404 errors will be reduced.
Everyone knows blogger does not provide 301 redirect option to compare other blogs (Ex: WordPress,Drupal, Joomla) Most of the content Management systems are independent to each other i.e. we can host it in anywhere we can take as entire backup file but blogger is fixed to one area we can’t and we can’t manage 301 redirected pages . I faced this type of problems because I have created one page in my blogger but it’s not working right now due some technical reasons. I want to help you people who end up at the old page through the search engines to be automatically redirected to the old posts on the new post. In this tutorial I am giving full pledge procedure how to solve and how to edit HTML part in a blogger. If you have more number of 404 error pages in your blogger we can easily redirect old page to your new page or home page.

How to Redirect:

1.   Login to your Blogger Dashboard
2. Go to Theme on left side dashboard. Click and Edit HTML.
3. Now You Can Add the following code on your blogger under head tag (<head> Syntax </head>)
var link=window.location.href;
var all404Links = [“404errorpageurl1”, “404errorpageurl2”,….];// 404 Error Page Url’s
for (i = 0; i &lt; all404Links.length; i++) //&lt;(it means ‘<’ symbol)
window.location=”Target Url”;//(Destination Url)

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Bridal Mehndi Designs for Full Hands

Bridal Mehndi Designs |  Bridal Mehndi Designs for Full Hands and Full Legs 

Best Encouragement Specially Providing Best Bridal Mehndi Designs for Full Hands and Legs for More information. 
Modern Bridal Mehndi designs are applied for brides throughout the sangeet ceremony (function). They are usually applied on hands and feet. There are different types of mehndi designs like gulf, traditional and many more. Usually bridal mehndi designs are very complicated and every lady family member gets to draw on the brides hands. Present days professional mehndi artists are invited to decorate the bride with modern mehndi designs. Mehndi has different uses like conditioning, coloring and even for mehndi designs. Bridal mehndi designs are sometimes colorful with black and red henna along with some glitters. Here there are different types of designs are there 
Bridal-Mehndi -Design-images
Bridal-Mehndi -Design-images1
Bridal-Mehndi -Design-images2

The Peacock Passion 

Peacocks have been a part of Indian culture since time ancient and their presence is clearly seen in many Indian art forms. This elegant peacock exceptional mehndi design will look great on the hands of the bride. This henna design has traits of both Gulfs as well as Indian mehndi Designs. The use of black mehndi as well as shading makes it look like more beautiful.
Bridal-Mehndi -Design-images3
Bridal-Mehndi -Design-images4

Colored Mehendi Designs :

Glitter mehandi is a rather new practice that is becoming popular very fast. Adding sparkly colours to the intricate brown mehndi designs makes them more attractive and alluring on several levels. The glitter catches one’s eye more easily than the plain brown shade of henna. Glitter mehendi designs are generally loud and elaborate. They demand attention and n’t in a keen elegant way. The designs are mostly the same patterns used in normal mehndi tattoos. Here are some best glitter mehndi designs with pictures for you.
Bridal-Mehndi -Design-images

Floral Mehndi Designs :

Floral and paisley designs are very common in mehndi art. These two are essentially the foundation of mehndi art. Simply beautiful floral and paisley design for the feet. The flower in the middle of the feet and the paisley design seems quite interesting. The small dots also used for the efficient design for the look like great. This mehndi design is made with paisley and floral patterns. This simple design is a beauty and decoration from the mid hand to back of the palm. Matching patterns makes the fingers more beautiful .
This beautiful floral mehndi design is not symmetrical on both hands so you can try any one of the designs. In this design, more importance is given to the index finger. The large floral motif on the back of the palm grabs attention. The flowers are filled using shading technique with differently. 
Bridal-Mehndi -Design-images5
Bridal-Mehndi -Design-images6
Bridal-Mehndi -Design-images7

Circular Mehndi Designs :

Round patterns give an entirely it’s looking differently. These round shaped mehndi designs are suitable for almost all special moments and the fine detailing on the fingers make these beautiful designs traditional and are good options for festivals as well as for bridal mehndi functions. The round shape is mostly known as mandala which is very common in a bridal mehndi design.
This design in circular or round shape is best for any special events, be it a family function or wedding. The smallest circle in the middle of the palm is surrounded by small half circular motifs with a fine natural pattern.
Bridal-Mehndi -Design-images8
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Bahubali2 Telugu Movie Song Lyrics

Bahubali2 Telugu Movie Song Lyrics : Bahubali2 Telugu Song Lyrics

Bahubali conclusion is a sequel of Bahubali Begining. This movie directed by S.S.Rajamouli. Directed by : Shobu Yarlagada,Prasad Devineni.Story Written by : Vijayendra Prasad. Starring by : Prabash.

Bahubli is a most successful and block buster movie in India.This movie get National awards in Telugu industry. Rajmouli making this movie with Prabash,Ranna and anushka.He do in workhard for this movie finally reached what he expected this movie and also actor Prabash and Ranna good supported by Rajmouli. Second part movie also going shoot all fan's are waiting for that movie with high expectations.

Bahubali2 Telugu Movie Song Lyrics are mentioned by bestencouragement. We are mention all telugu movie song lyrics in this website like love, hot, sad and melody song lyrics who have interest in music visit our site and don't miss comment on our site.

Bahubali 2 Trailer :

Bahubali2 Telugu Songs Coming Soon

Bahubali2 Telugu Movie Aduio Launch Live Coming Soon

Bahubali2 Telugu Movie Release Date Coming Soon

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DJ Duvvada Jagannadham Telugu Movie Song Lyrics

DJ Duvvada Jagannadham Telugu Song Lyrics | DJ Duvvada Jagannadham Release Date | DJ Duvvada Jagannadham Teaser | Allu Arjun DJ Duvvada Jagannadham Movie

DJ or Duvvada Jagannadham is an arriving Indian Telugu film. This Movie directed by Harish Shankar, and written by Harish Shankar. The film starring Style Star Allu Arjun in a major role, Pooja Hegde. Produced by : Dil Raju, Music By : Devi sri Prasad. 
DJ Duvvada Jagannadham images
Allu Fan’s and Mega fans have a treat coming this Movie, DJ (Duvvada Jagannadham) is shooting towards completion, and to keep the fans on their toes for what's in store, the movie makers have released a few stills and trailer of the film. This movie trailer and songs get good response in least time so all mega fan’s feel very happy. The film is now still going on production. Allu Fan’s expected to more on this movie because he is 25th movie in Telugu industry. Their he looking different style and awesome acting. This movie going on release March 19th, 2017.
DJ Duvvada Jagannadham Telugu Song Lyrics:
Cooming Soon....!
DJ Duvvada Jagannadham Release Date :
March 19th 2017.
DJ Duvvada Jagannadham Teaser :
Allu Arjun DJ Duvvada Jagannadham Movie:
Cooming Soon.......!
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Uses Of Papaya For Your Skin | Health Benifits of Papaya

Uses Of Papaya For Your Skin

Papaya is extremely good to desire for a healthy looking youthful glow. Papaya contains the enzyme papain along with vitamin A in adequate quantify that nourishes, hydrates the skin thereby making it glow. It contains alpha hydroxyl acids called as AHAs. AHAs are known to be an essential complex when it comes to prevent and cure lines and wrinkles due to aging. It is widely used in every anti aging or skin repair products. This face mask is a great anti aging mask.
papaya images

Papaya Face pack with honey for glow:

papaya and honey images

->Take a piece of raw papaya.

-> Mash it into paste.

->Then add a teaspoonful of honey and mix them well.

->Apply it over your face and leave it for about 15 – 20 minutes.

->Rinse it off with papaya and pat dry.

*This is good for dry, normal skin that needs hydration and glow*

Papaya face pack with tomato:

papaya and tomato images

For the marks on you face you can prepare a face mask of papaya and tomato. This kind of components will lighten the skin and reduce the spots in time.

->First it is time that you smash the papayas and ad pulps of tomato to the same.

->After this the mixing of the papaya and tomato should be done following the right process.

->Once the pack is ready you can apply the same on all parts of the face and retain the same for fifteen minutes.

->Then you can ash off the same following a proper method of rinsing.

-> Use normal water for cleaning the pack.

->The kind of pack can really make the skin glow and in the process the marks are better diminished.

->This pack is best for combination and oily skin textures.

Papaya and almond face pack:
papaya beauty tips

->This face pack is good to get fair skin.

-> Crush some almond in milk and prepare a paste.

->Mix them well with papaya pulp.

->Apply this paste on your face and leave it for about 20 minutes.

->Then wash it off with cold water.

->This gives an instant glow on the face with this face mask.

Papaya face pack with lime juice

**It works great for oily skin**

->Lemon juice enhances the efficiency of papaya manifolds.

->Take some chunk of papaya and mash it into a smooth paste.

->Using a churner or blender, blend it into a smooth paste by adding 10 – 12 drops of lemon juice.

->Apply it on your face and leave it for about 20 minutes.

->Then wash it off with plain water.

->Repeat it twice a week.

Papaya face pack:

papaya tips images

You can also apply the ripe papaya over your skin by cutting it into pieces and rubbing the ripe side of it over your skin.

->Wait for 15 to 20 minutes till it is totally dry.

->Now wash your face with cold water and watch the difference.

->Along with fairness, you can also get a glow over your skin.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Interview Questions

SEO Interview Questions : Top SEO Interview Questions : Search Engine Optimization Interview Questions!

Off-Page Optimization Interview Questions:

  • What is a Seo?
  • What are the Seo tools do you use ?
  • How many types in Seo?
  • What is a On-page optimizations?
  • What is a Off-page optimizations?
  • What is difference between On-page and Off-page optimization?
  • Why are you using Search Engine Optimizations?
  • What do you mean by back-link?
  • Briefly Explain About Backlink?
  • What do you mean by internal link?
  • What do you mean by external link?
  • How many strategy in Off-page optimization?
  • Explain about Social Media?
  • Use of Off-page optimizations?
  • Explain About Directory?
  • Explain About Social Book Marking?
  • Explain About Blog Commenting?
  • Explain About Press Releases?
  • Explain About Articles?
  • Explain About Classifieds?
  • Explain About Forums?
  • What is the Latest update in Seo?
  • Why are you using Alexa?
  • Why are you using Google Analytics?
  • Why are you using Webmaster Tool?
  • Why are you using Keyword Search?
  • Why are you using Open Site Explorer?

On-Page Optimization Interview Questions

  • What is On-Page Optimizations?
  • Why Are you using On-Page Optimization?
  • What is a Keyword Analysis?
  • Explain About Tittle And Description?
  • How Many Characters do you use in Tittle Tag?
  • How Many Characters do you use in Description?
  • Explain About a  Footer Text Links & Content Links?
  • What is a Keyword Discovery
  • What is a Word Tracker?
  • What is a Google Ad words and Why are Using Ad words?
  • Explain About Back Link analysis of competitors?
  • Explain About SEO Quake?
  • Explain About Yahoo Site Explorer?
  • Why are you using Google Analysis?
  • Why are you using Web Master Tool?
  • What is  mean by CRT?
  • Why are you using CRT?
  • What are present Google Updates?

Rose Face Packs For Skin | Face Pack For Glowing Skin

Rose Face Packs For Skin

Rose: A rose is a woody perennial of the genus Rosa,within the family Rose pack. There are over 100 species and thousands of cultivars."A rose by any other name would smell as sweet,"says Juliet in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet,which is so very true of the rose that has captured the minds and hearts of people through the ages. The rose,however,has proved its veritable worth owing to its exhaustive use in health and medicine.Every one like rose because rose reduce health problems and every one use love propose.
Rose face pack for glowing skin are very popular as ladies of all ages prefer using the rose water for skin care.you can now make some effective face packs with the rose petals.Even the oil extracted from rose petals is very efficient in treating all types of skin problems.According to the researchers,rose also have good amount of antioxidants.You can also get a radiant and glowing skin with the help of rose petals and rose water solution.Mainly rose water or rose petals are used to reduce the anti bacterial properties along with the positive effects of Vitamin K,C and B. Either the powdered from of rose petals or soft rose petals can be used to make effective face packs.
Rose Encounter Pack:
Rose petals paste 2-3 TBSP
rose images

Multani Mitti 1-2 TBSP
multan images
Orange peel powder
orange images
Egg White -1 TBSP

egg images


rose pack images

Process: Take the rose petals paste. Multani mitti,peel powder,egg white in bowl.Mix all of the ingredients with water and make them as smooth paste.Apply this paste on the face and wash the face after 20 minutes with cool water.

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