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Selenium Online Training

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Selenium is web based “Automation tool”. Which is an open source, to start testing we require selenium IDE to be installed in firefox.Selenium IDE allows you to understand how the structure in html has been dependent using application under test (AUT).
Selenium tool can be accessed in different web browsers and works on different platforms. Whereas selenium is similar to HP (QTP), Quick test professional it’s a web based application. Selenium provides a test domain specific language (selenese) to write tests on many programming languages like Java, c#, Grovy, Python, Ruby&P eal.
There are 4 types of components in selenium they are :
>> Selenium IDE (Integrated Development Environment).
>> Selenium RC (Remote Control)
>> Web Drivers
>> Selenium Grid.
During test process selenium doesn’t access any elements out of the web applications. Selenium is an opensource, free of use and free of cost. It supports every mobile device. We can also operate while execution is running parallel.
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