Saturday, 27 February 2016

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IOS is an I phone application software’s at Onlineitguru which provide every topic of IOS applications. We provide job placements and enroll for free demo. For more details.
IOS (Iphone Operating System) is a Mobile Operating System developed by “Apple Corporation”. Originally unveiled in 2007 for the iPhone, after that it extended to support other devices such as iPod Touch, pad in Jan 2010.

Major versions of IOS are released annually, the current version of IOS 8.3 was released on April 8,2015.
The software development Kit (SDK) was released on 6th march, 2008.It gives a chance to third party developers to make applications for IOS devices.

It is very powerful OS Compare to other operating systems. It’s User friendly

Currently Apple’s IOS is the main software to all models of the iPhone; iPod&iPad.There are over 900000 IOS applications available for download in the apple store.

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