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New Vocabulary For GRE

1) Bash( Synonyms)    :
      Celebration. Ex: Yesterday was my Birthday we had Bash with my family.
2) Abash,Bash full,Timid, Shy, Embarrassed( Synonyms):
      For Example In that party that people gave me a lot of complement then I feel as Abah.(Happy,           Celebration,Occastion)
     Absh come frm Bash.
  •  A person who is Timid
  • A person who is Shy
  • A person who is get easy Embarrassed.
3)Abate,Reduce,Decrease,Intensity( Synonyms):   
     A Abate come from Bate.
  •  For example:In the movie there was so suspense the lost scene could not understand and what will happen and waited for climax Bated Breath. 
  • After completion of your exams waiting for results is called Bated Breath.
4) Dwindle,Wane,Dminish,Slacken,Subside( Synonyms)
      Subsidy,For Example one book cost
      to purchase $100 but Government give subsidy $20 is called Dwidle.
5) Increase,Burgeon,Ballon,Escalate,Mushroon( Synonyms)
No of political Burgeoning also know is called increase.
6) Abet,Abut,Abettor,Abettoir( Synonyms):
  • For example Go and hit that guy.
  • A person want commite to a crime.
7) Provoke, Instigate( Synonyms)
      Encourage to do Negative or Motivate.

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