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Turbo C Software Run On Windows XP &7 : C Compailation Process : Part-2

Turbo C Software Run On Windows XP &7

  • IDE is nothing but integrated development Environment in Which one can develop, run, Test and debug the application.
  • The C developing Environment is a screen display with windows and pull-down menus.
  • The program listing, error messages and other information are display in separate windows. The menu may be used to invoke all the operations necessary to develop the program, including editing, Compailing , linking and debugging and program execution in  there invoked function keys different menus,move the highlight left or right with cursor keys.
Invoking The Turbo C:
  • The Default directory of Trubo C Compiler is c:\tc\bin. 
  • So to invoke the IDE from the windows you need to double click the TC icon in the directory c:\tc\bin.
  • The alternate approach is that we can make a shortcut of EXE on the Desktop.

Opening New Window in Turbo C:
  • To type a program, you need to open an edit window for this, open file menu and click "New"
  • A window will appear on the screen where the program may be typed
Writting a Program in Turbo C:

When The Edit Window is active, The program may be typed. Use the certain key combinations to perform specific edit function.Saving a Program in Turbo C:

  • To save the program, Select save command from the file menu. This function can also be performed by pressing the[F2] button.
  • You can save the program after compiling too but saving it before compilation is more appropriate.
Making an Executable File In Turbo  C :
The source file is required to turned into an executable file. This is called "Making" of the .exe file. Mainly Three step required to create an executable file are:
  • create a source file .c extension.
  • Compile the source code into a file with the .obj extension.
  • Link your .obj file with any needed libraries to produce an executable program All the above steps can be done by usiing Run option from the menu bar or using key combination Ctrl+F9.
Compiling and linking in the Turbo C:
In the Turbo C IDE, compailing and linking can be performed together in one step. There are two ways to
do this you can select make EXE from the compile mennu, or you can press the [F9] key.
Correcting Errors In Turbo C:
 After complete write the program we will go to compaile the program.You will see that number of errors is not listed as 0.
Execting a Program in Turbo C:
After complete the correcting errors by selecting run  from the Run Menu or press the key[F9] key combination.

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