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Auto Cad : Auto CAD Learning Tutorial : Auto Cad Tutorial : Best Tutorial:Part-3

Auto Cad 

Zooming Options:
Com:   Z (Press Enter)
                 A (Press Enter)

Sub Com: Zoom Objects to Center
                         Z (Press Enter)
                         E (Press Enter)
Sub Com: To See Previous Zooming Position
                          Z (Press Enter)
                          P (Press Enter)
Sub Com: For Window Zoomin (Selected Window)
                         Z (Press Enter)
                         W (Press Enter)  Specify Window.
Sub Com: Zooming Selected Object
                         Z (Press Enter)
                        O (Press Enter)
Selected Object to Zoom (Press Enter)

General Commands:

Ctrl + N (Open New File)
Ctrl +O (Open Existing Files)
Ctrl+S (Save File)
Ctrl+Shift+S  Save File With Another Name The Modification Go To New File.
Ctrl+8 (Quick Calculator)

Background Colour:

Op (Press Enter)
Click On Colour
Click On Back Ground Colour
Select Colour
Click On Apply&Close.
Pick Add:
Com: Pick add (Press Enter)
          Enter ‘0’ or ‘1’ value
          ‘0’ for single selection
           ‘1’ for multiple selection

Pick First:

Com: Pick First (Press Enter)
          Enter ‘0’ or ‘1’ value
          ‘1’ for delete on
            ‘0’ for delete off


Com: Highlight (Press Enter)
          Enter ‘0’ or ‘1’ value
          ‘1’ for highlight on
           ‘0’ for highlight off

Autocad Default Setting:

Com: Menu Load (Press Enter)
          Click On Unload
          Click On Browse

Selectacad :
Com:Col (Press Enter)
Op (Press Enter) For background colour.
OOPS : To Get Previously Deleted One

 Com: Viewres (Press Enter)


                             1-20,00 type value of Zooming.

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