Sunday, 20 December 2015

Auto Cad Basics : Auto Cad : Auto Cad Learning Tutorial :Part-1:

Auto Cad Basics


Auto CAD is a commercial software application for 2D and 3D computer aided design and drafting.
                                Auto CAD developed and marked by Auto Desk. The initial release was 1982 December;stable release 2015/2016.
                               The term CAD applies to create drawing,Plans, Design electronically. Auto CAD is one of such program.
                               You can start Auto cad by either double clicking on the program icon on the desktop or by clicking on the program name in start menu.
Auto CAD Screen:
Title bar- (Autocad 2013.Drawing1.dwg).
Autocad 2013 Version Name
Drawing1- filename
.dwg- file extension
Menu bar-(File,edit,view,insert,format,tools,draw etc..).
Standard toolbar
Properties toolbar-(Color,Line types,Line Weight)
Draw toolbar-(Line,Construction line, Rectangle,Circle etc....)
Modifying toolbar-(Erase,copy,fillet,mirror,chamfer etc..)
GUT([Graphical user interface]-Drawing area(From Lower Left Corner to Top Right Corner)
UCS[User co-ordinate system] -Co-ordinate representation
Command line window/Command box.



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