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Java is AN object minded programing language, Developed by Sun Microsystems’s. Java Originally developed by James goose. ab initio Java referred to as as ‘OAK’. Java may be a Platform In-Dependent Language.
There ar totally different programme Interface they are:
Core Java
Advance Java
Java Enterprise Edition
Core Java may be a normal edition that applies standalone applications. it's wont to develop applications software package. the most theme of core java is ‘WORA’-“WRITE ONCE RUN ANY WHEERE”.Java may be a High level programing language.
Standalone Application is additionally celebrated to be desktop and windows based mostlyapplication.
Java Virtual Machine may be a code generator, wherever java programs execute on that. we willdevelop core java programs in several operative systems like UNIX operating system, window’s etc.
Components Core Java:
>> Secures
>> Object minded
>> potency
>> movability
>> easy
>> Plat kind freelance
>> sturdy
>> Multi-threaded
>> taken
>> High performance
>> Dynamic
Core Java programs run on JDK outfit, as java may be a Graphical interface that is AN Open supplyto develop Program’s. we will develop a program victimisation three varieties editor’s namely: Note pad, Net beans, Eclipse.
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