Friday, 26 January 2018

How to Do Blog Commenting on SEO for High Quality Backlinks

How to Do Blog Commenting on SEO for High-Quality Backlinks

blog comment process
How to get backlinks this is a common question that we usually get asked so I thought I would just make a quick video on how to get blog comment backlinks these are fairly easy to get they can take a little bit time compared to other backlinks but we are going to go through the process and show you the best way to find places to comment on and get a backlink to your site we want to start off by type a query like this
Ex: inurl: keyword “leave a comment”
That means it is a blogger and it is got comments there so we just do our google search and click on our first one here okay so we have read our site here you scroll down to the bottom you see our box down here where we can leave a comment now where it says name the text that you put in here is going to be the text that links back to your website now with search engine optimization to get the best results and rank for your keyword you want to use the keyword with the text in the link that is pointing back to your site so if our keywords is ios training we want to put ios training in here as the same because that is what it is going to create the link pointing back to our site and that is going to help us rank a lot better in the search engines now some blog commented so some blogs don’t like people leaving comments on their blogs with just a keyword as the link back some don’t mind but some don’t like it for the ones that don’t like it what you can simply do is just add something like Ram is ios training so we still got our keyword in the link that is pointing back to our site and we have got the name there which is okay this will help us to get our comments approved a lot easier and we still get the power of having the keyword linking back to our site as well obviously you need to put your email address in and you need to put your website or the URL that you want to link back to now leaving comments you want to read the post see what the topics about and then leave a comment of value don’t just leave something like they Hey great posts for blog owners we know that it can be very frustrating to delete all these rubbishy comments and it doesn’t add any value to the users experience or to the blog owner and the other reason is if you leave a really constructive comment on there something of interest in value you get people clicking back through your link back to your website so not only do you get a good link you also get traffic back to your site as well so keep that in mind when making comments on anyone is blogs now if we go back to google here about we know about calm we can’t leave comments there so we will just skip over that one and if we go on to this one bestencouragement and we scroll down okay here is an interesting model must be login your mail id and post a comment. So what we can do is we can come back here and we can add in whats called a negative keyword so we simply add the minus and then we go must be logged (Ex: inurl: keyword “leave a comment” – “must be logged in”) and so now what our search query says to Google is the keyword must be in the URL ios training it must have leave a comment on the page and it must not have must be logged in so you notice when I hit search this ios training one will disappear okay so now if we go on to the next one it is an article site or anything and says we can leave a comment there so you can read through the article and then post a nice juicy comment with a good link back to our site the other thing that you may want to do want to do in your negative keywords is add in one comments closed (Ex: inurl: keyword “leave a comment” – “comments closed”) because sometimes blog owners close comments after a certain period of time so that spammers can’t just keep spamming their blog post I hope this tutorial has been helpful on how to get backlinks with blog comments if you would like to find out more about back linking techniques visit our website continuously. 


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