Saturday, 6 January 2018

How to Reduce 10 kg weight within 10 days

How to Reduce 10 kg Weight Within 10 Days

Hi Friends today I am going to share how to lose weight within 10 days as I am promised and going to explain the meal plan to help you lose 10 kilos in 10 days does it seems impossible well it is not if you follow this time plan achieving healthy weight is all about striking the right balance between the energy that you put in and the energy that you use and you can do this by making healthy changes to your eating habits this 900 calories meal plan is a very low calorie diet which will facilitate quick weight loss in most a healthy active adults it is tried and tested by me and is by far the most effective low cost and the easiest great loss meal plan ever with the simplest of ingredients which are eggs apples oats and green tea this plan was also followed by few of my family members and friends and the results were splendid irrespective of different body types age sex and genes.  
So let me reveal this magical meal plan team well start your day with a breakfast which will include at 3 boiled eggs and a cup of warm green tea hot boiled eggs make a quick snack provide good fats and a high in protein green tea is the healthiest beverage on the planet it is loaded with antioxidants and various substances that help you lose fat in the lunch have three boiled eggs an apple and a cup of green tea apples are high in fiber and add a natural fat blocker you can have any variant of apple you like in the evening have a cup of green tea with an apple in the night to have a cup of green tea at least one hour before the bedtime for dinner have a bowl of oats you can add fruits nuts of flax seeds for better results and taste avoid apricots and raisins oats keep you satisfied and decreases cholesterol levels and waist size if you feel the need to have in between the meals then you can only have carrots cucumbers or sprouts do not skip your meals and strictly follow the schedule reduce the intake of excess salt and sugar indulge in some mild exercise or a 15 minutes fast walk. So don’t forget guys please share this post on your social media accounts.


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