Monday, 8 January 2018

How to Take Perfect Selfie for Instagram and Facebook

How to Take Perfect Selfie for Instagram and Facebook 

top10 tips in selfie
Today I am going to explain about a selfie? why so many people taking a selfie in daily life this good habit or bad? 93 million selfies are taken each and every day chances are if you have got a cell phone you have taken one and by one I mean 18 because that is how many it takes to get one good one that one picture where everything is working the lighting is perfect your face is posed in a way that is not all jacked up making you look crazy that just me it is picture perfection selfies are not easy there is an art to it well gentlemen today I am going over 10 selfie tips to help you improve your selfie satisfaction.
1) Before you take the picture determine where you think it might end up is it going on Facebook Instagram because I am assuming that those pictures are going to look a little different in the selfie you are sending that spicy little senorita you are courting in accounting bringing us the perfect selfie tip.
2) Determine the mood of the selfie is it playful and fun hey look at me I am so cute playful and fun or I am a sex panther meow tip.
3) Check yourself out in a reflective surface prior to taking the picture now how is your hair look all right boogers it check your nose because you never know when a rogue one is going to hang out also how shiny are you could you use wipe your face off a little bit because you are glistening alright all this is a little pre-picked prep tip.
4) Check the background out prior to taking the picture because everybody has seen selfie they are all like sitting there looking all cute and seductive and behind them is their bed with three piles mountains of crap and crap to the rappers of sam dude you just totally killed your super sexy game tip.
5) It is all about the lighting too dark and you look rainy too bright and you probably are squinting just a little you too lighting hack standing in front of a window is like always perfect lighting not too bright not too dark picture perfect tip.
6) Play around with angles and frame placement all right selfies that are taken straight on look a little bit odd all right it is the rule of thirds you need to stick yourself in a third if the screen in order to help with symmetry and just looking a little bit better also selfies from taking up here a lot better than down here because nobody wants to see up in nostrils tip.
7) Hold your breath and freeze too often we’re trying to take selfies or breathing all het yet totally throws everything off hold your breath freeze it will be a better tip.
8) Take three fire all three of those bad boys it is quick it is easy and it improves the chances that you are going to love one of the tips of the pick.

9) Spend a little time editing the photo don’t just go stock filter right that is fine but you can adjust the filter learn your camera on your foot out phones and the cameras within are so crazy powerful and have the ability to really you can go crazy and really get down to it gentlemen I am telling you learning your phone settings and learning how to adjust manipulate the different colors filters levels is essential for your loving the picks and tip.
10) Have fun with it is a selfie it is a who doesn't have those friends that are always posting like super seductive I am a sexy beast pictures right they are all giving you the eye and trying to make love the kit that it is super lame guys have fun it is a picture of yourself don’t be too serious or else people are going to think you have a little bit of some issues going on anyway gentlemen.

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