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Top 7 Tips to Improve Online Reputation Management Service

Top 7 Tips to Improve Online Reputation Management Services 

Hi Friends today I wanted to go over ten tips for improving the online reputation I get a lot of questions about what are the basic things that people can do to make their either their company’s reputation be better or their personal reputation so I would like to go over those today
1)      You want to own the first page of Google results and that means if you are in a business it is your company websites and perhaps some other websites that are associated with your company you definitely want all your social profiles such as Linkedin and Facebook and Twitter and have perhaps a Youtube channel or a Youtube video you may have some personal blogs and things like it’s your own personal name you’re taking care of and another great thing to get on there is some press releases . It is almost always rank high.
2)      The second tip for online reputation management is to be social and that means acquiring as many of the social profile for both your company and if you are doing your own reputation for yourself as you can the reason you want to do that is you want to do that so nobody else can get those profiles and also if it’s your personal name same issue if you have a fairly unique name you probably have a good chance of getting all your social profiles but if you have a more common name that will be more difficult and so you want to secure those and the reason you secure those is because whether the social profile is for Facebook or for Linkedin page generally it will have the URL of the website and then after that would be your name or your company name and Google looks at those and as they manage the search engine results and many of those will rank very so the most important ones to have of course are Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and a You tube channel.
3)      I Want to talk about today is unique websites or perhaps even blogs and these are websites that you can have for your company and sometimes they are an executive blog or a blog about trade shows different areas like that they can also be if it is your personal websites a website about your industry that you’re working in and some of your thoughts and your professional advancement and career objectives things like that you want to own as many of these as you can. I don’t need a whole lot of them but it is nice too if you have a company to own two or three and even just one can help you on those first pages Google ranking if it is your personal website there is definitely a great opportunity to get some of these blogs to rank high.
4)      Fourth tips is a press release and many times in the search engine optimization industry people did press releases solely to get backlinks to pages but it turns out that press releases on their own will rank very high in Google if they are from either PR web or PR Newswire so if you have either one of these two PR web or PR Newswire either of them will rank high you want to create some links from your social sites or perhaps from your blog to your corporate sites to these press releases to help them move higher in the ranking and when you make the press releases you want to be sure that use your name if the press release is about you or your company name because that is one of the most important parts is to have thee actual name of the company or your personal name on the top of that press release in the title of the press release.
5)      Encourage reviews and this is for a small business especially it could be a large business also but many times small business say for instance a restaurant or a contractor they may be plagued with just a few negative reviews and so one of the best things to do is after someone is using your services or received one of your products that is a great time to ask them to write a review about the company or write a review about the product that they received and what you want is many good reviews as you can it will be fine if there are one or two negative reviews and everybody understand that but if you only have one or two negative reviews and nothing else then eventually you are going to start losing customers due to those negative reviews some of the websites that you focus on are the four those are yelp the Google reviews and Citysearch all of these do well in the Google rankings.
6)      The sixth tip is don’t argue this means if your company is mentioned in a forum and there are some negative views about your products the last thing you should do is spend numerous posts in writing rebuttals about why your company is doing a good job or why you service is good or why you are good or things like that what happens over time is these posts accumulate and I have seen companies that have had as many as a hundred and fifty pages of kind of a firestorm back and forth of reviews and internal company people saying that they don’t understand and things like that and these almost always rank high in Google so my recommendation is if you have a bad if somebody has a bad experience with the services of your company or a product that you respond one time and that you move that response to another website perhaps a website that you own a customer service site or something like that and that way you then take control and can help out the customer in a better manner by using your own personal website.
7)      You Tube and many times companies will think that well You Tube vides we don’t have any commercials we don’t have things like that so how can we use You Tube but one of the great things about You Tube is that there is all kinds of things you can do on it could be as simple as putting up a slideshow on You Tube or a training video or perhaps some customer testimonials but You Tube videos almost always rank very high in Google results and so what you want to do is make sure that you title your video with a name of your company and then whatever else it is about or if it is your personal name makes you make sure you use your personal name in the title of the video and the description put in a nice description that explains what the video is about if the videos for a search term related to your industry then use that search term in the title of the video and that will also help it rank well.

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