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Tuesday, 27 February 2018

PHP Tutorial Step by Step for Beginners

Today I am going to give you a brief introduction to PHP so the first question comes to mind is what is PHP? And What is PHP Stands for right so PHP is an acronym for hypertext preprocessor and it is an open source service-side scripting language that means whenever you make some website you need a server to host your website and PHP is a server-side scripting language that means it can interpret your pages and serve your pages to the client on the basis of the request of the client I will show you a brief or how PHP works in the later. It is an open source server side scripting language right and why we use PHP because PHP is a strong scripting language which can generate dynamic web pages and it can even integrate with the database most of the database like MYSQL or SQL server or any other popular language so that gives us the functionality to make our pages dynamic now what is the difference between static and dynamic pages, static pages are just HTML pages with no functionality you will be able to see just our text there or you will be able to just click a URL and you will be able to go to next page but you if you want more dynamic features for example in email service you want to enter your username and password and on the basis of your username and password you want to give some messages, for example, your user name and password is wrong then you want to show the user that you have user name and password is wrong and please try again or otherwise if the username and password is correct you want to redirect your page to the other authorized page right so this functionality which is dynamic web pages is provided by PHP now PHP script resides between reserved PHP tags that enables PHP to embed PHP script within HTML pages that we will see later because but it has predefined tags so that you know that whatever you write in between those predefined tags will be a PHP code right so furthermore, PHP is an integrated language script are passed at run time rather that compile time. so it’s an interpreted language which or script which pass your pages on the runtime rather than on compile time. so if you want to you know compile your program at a raw or at compile time it will not compile or it will not give you the result it will only give you the result when you want to see this result on the browser for example and it is executed server side that we will see in from the diagram I will show you in a moment and source code not visible by the client so if you want to see the source code because it is a server side language you will not be able to see the food of PHP from the Client side of and various built in function allows for fast development so PHP has various functions which are built in and which will make your programming really fast and it is compatible with most popular databases that I have already told you now in order to see more information on PHP you can go to

and this is the official website of PHP and here you will be able to see much more information on PHP and the very good feature of this website is it has documentation which is very extensive and it is available different languages so, for example, you want to use English and there is a very extensive manual here and you can search for some function that you want to know about for example I want to search for echo function then I will just search for that and you will be able to find all the documentation on this keyword in here in the documentation.

so this is a very good place to you know what function is used for what and what is the functionality of what a function or keyword. so just if you have time just visit this website and you will be able to find much more on PHP.

Now I am going to explain how PHP works so I already told you that PHP is a server-side scripting language so this there will be a server where your website will be hosted and all your web pages will be stored there and they are also PHP resides and PHP is just like an interpreter so on the basis of your client request your server will you know your PHP will interpret the values from the database or mail servers or files from file system and will take this file system or database value interpret those values and then once again it will give the response to the client so it is a server side interpreter which can be used for databases mail server or system. so this is how you can use PHP now what are the popular site using PHP if you want to see that you can go to the Wikipedia page and search for programming language used in the most popular website and in this list.

You will be able to find here that Facebook uses PHP with MySQL and Yahoo uses PHP with MySQL and Wikipedia itself uses PHP with MySQL and Word press also uses PHP with MySQL so one of the world’s most popular website uses PHP for their server-side operations in your website right so it’s a very good you know language and worth learning language to learn right so this is a small little presentation on introduction of PHP in the next post I am going to write how to you know set up the environment for PHP so that we will be able to develop the PHP now website or via PHP server. Please comment on this post and share your social media accounts.

Friday, 26 January 2018

How to Do Blog Commenting on SEO for High Quality Backlinks

How to Do Blog Commenting on SEO for High-Quality Backlinks

blog comment process
How to get backlinks this is a common question that we usually get asked so I thought I would just make a quick video on how to get blog comment backlinks these are fairly easy to get they can take a little bit time compared to other backlinks but we are going to go through the process and show you the best way to find places to comment on and get a backlink to your site we want to start off by type a query like this
Ex: inurl: keyword “leave a comment”
That means it is a blogger and it is got comments there so we just do our google search and click on our first one here okay so we have read our site here you scroll down to the bottom you see our box down here where we can leave a comment now where it says name the text that you put in here is going to be the text that links back to your website now with search engine optimization to get the best results and rank for your keyword you want to use the keyword with the text in the link that is pointing back to your site so if our keywords is ios training we want to put ios training in here as the same because that is what it is going to create the link pointing back to our site and that is going to help us rank a lot better in the search engines now some blog commented so some blogs don’t like people leaving comments on their blogs with just a keyword as the link back some don’t mind but some don’t like it for the ones that don’t like it what you can simply do is just add something like Ram is ios training so we still got our keyword in the link that is pointing back to our site and we have got the name there which is okay this will help us to get our comments approved a lot easier and we still get the power of having the keyword linking back to our site as well obviously you need to put your email address in and you need to put your website or the URL that you want to link back to now leaving comments you want to read the post see what the topics about and then leave a comment of value don’t just leave something like they Hey great posts for blog owners we know that it can be very frustrating to delete all these rubbishy comments and it doesn’t add any value to the users experience or to the blog owner and the other reason is if you leave a really constructive comment on there something of interest in value you get people clicking back through your link back to your website so not only do you get a good link you also get traffic back to your site as well so keep that in mind when making comments on anyone is blogs now if we go back to google here about we know about calm we can’t leave comments there so we will just skip over that one and if we go on to this one bestencouragement and we scroll down okay here is an interesting model must be login your mail id and post a comment. So what we can do is we can come back here and we can add in whats called a negative keyword so we simply add the minus and then we go must be logged (Ex: inurl: keyword “leave a comment” – “must be logged in”) and so now what our search query says to Google is the keyword must be in the URL ios training it must have leave a comment on the page and it must not have must be logged in so you notice when I hit search this ios training one will disappear okay so now if we go on to the next one it is an article site or anything and says we can leave a comment there so you can read through the article and then post a nice juicy comment with a good link back to our site the other thing that you may want to do want to do in your negative keywords is add in one comments closed (Ex: inurl: keyword “leave a comment” – “comments closed”) because sometimes blog owners close comments after a certain period of time so that spammers can’t just keep spamming their blog post I hope this tutorial has been helpful on how to get backlinks with blog comments if you would like to find out more about back linking techniques visit our website continuously. 

Monday, 5 June 2017

Top 20 Factors For On Page SEO

Top 20 Points To Improve Your Website Traffic | Best Way To Improve Your Website Traffic

  • List of URL (Like Your Business)
  • List of Listing Keywords on Site Page With Relevant URL Appearing.
  • List of New Keywords (Like Your Business).
  • Keyword Segregation, Grouping
  • New Page Analysis.
  • List of Existing and New Pages (Better to Provide Color for New URL)
  • New Page Content Development.
  • Content Optimization and Making Word Document Ready.
  • All Pages Unique title and Description.
  • Effective Use if H1 to H6 tags.
  • Image and Video Optimization.
  • Uploading New Pages in Server.
  • Check Pages in Websites.
  • Creating Sitemap.xml and Sitemap.html Pages.
  • Check for Analytics and Webmaster Verification.
  • Creating Robot.txt File.
  • Submit Sitemap in Google.
  • Monitor Keyword Position.
  • Start Link Building Process.
  • Repeat Above Two Steps (18th and 19th)

Thursday, 1 June 2017

How to add music of PPT Video with Movie Maker

How to Add Music of Video in Movie Maker | Easy Way Add Sample Music With Movie Maker

Every one searching for to create video with PPT in Microsoft 2010. There have a feature to create a video with different slides with animations. Present days everyone to increased search on internet have any doubt in the people. The same time to increased sharing data in internet like Website, Bloggers and YouTube.

If you see in YouTube have more videos for any query in world because it is easy way to understood the user and easy way to sharing video in YouTube. Everyone have ideas and have more knowledge on subject, YouTube is the best way to sharing your ideas through the ppt videos. Know I am explain complete procedure how to make a video through the PPT and How to add music in that video.
You want add a music in that video mainly we want download movie maker 
After downloading movie maker install in your PC.
After installing movie maker you can open your PPT Video, Right click your PPT Video and select open with Movie Maker.

After opening PPT Video can add welcome title page in front of your video, Add title whatever you want for example : “Welcome My First Video”. 

Add “Thank You Page” end of your video.

After adding title page in front of your video can add animation in movie maker.

Next can add sample music in your video

Save your video in your PC

Open your YouTube channel and upload with title.
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Sunday, 9 April 2017

How to Improve Organic Traffic to Your Website

How to Increase Organic Traffic to Your Website

In this article am explain complete guide how to improve traffic to your blog or website. Firstly why to improve traffic on your website? Because to improve your business through the online. Why many people are like SEO? It is one part to get more and genuine traffic to your website. There are two ways improve traffic to your website, one is free of cost like SEO, another one is pay per click (PPC). Many people so much confused which one is the best. These two strategies very important to improve website traffic. Now am explain which one is good, which strategy to use we get more traffic with least time. 
SEO is nothing but search engine optimization. This is one process when a user searches a query in search engine whatever process going is called SEO. In SEO have more tactics to improve traffic and to improve your business, is the best strategy of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic and quality backlinks. Present days many People like SEO because cheap and best to get more traffic with least time. In this strategy mainly we focus on High PR Websites like High Domain Authority Website. When you get more High PR backlinks in your blogger automatically to improve your website pages, Alexa Rank and Traffic. Alexa Rank also one of the important to your website. SEO mainly divided into two parts one is On-page optimization and Off-page optimization.
On-page: In search engine optimization, on-page optimization introduces to factors that have a reaction on your Web site or Web page listing in organic search results. These factors are managed by you or by coding on your web page. Examples of on-page optimization involve with HTML code, Title Tag, Meta tags, Meta Dec keyword placement and keyword density. These factors are done in admin part like in site of your website.
Off-page: Off-Page optimization is the part of SEO. It does not involve website content. Off-Page optimization will hold completely outside of the websites. For ex: creating High-quality backlinks for your website is one part in Off-page optimization. There are many important components that can infect the Off-page strategy of any website. In the off-page optimization have more strategies in SEO (Directory Submission, Social Bookmarking, Blog Submission, Article Submission, and Social Media) Social Media strategy is an important part of SEO it can easy way to get more traffic with least time to compare another strategy. Completely Off-page Optimization strategy will explain in another post click here.
Pay Per Click (PPC): PPC stands for pay per click is a type of internet marketing. Search engine advertising is best creating of PPC. It enables advertisers it has some constant bid (click per rate) for ad placement in a search engine's sponsored links when a user searches on a query like a keyword that is linked to their business offering (advertising). If we bid change every day dependent upon your computations.
How To Create a Free Website Using Blogger
How to Get More Website Traffic Through Facebook

Saturday, 8 April 2017

How to Get More Website Traffic Through Facebook

How to Gain More Traffic on Facebook | How to Get More Traffic on Facebook Page

In this article, I explain my opinion how to get more website traffic through Facebook. Present days everyone uses social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn to compare all social media accounts every one uses Facebook because it is an easy way to use and easily understudied I mean how to post images or how to share some information on Facebook. If you share anything on your account it can easily to share everyone. To improve traffic on Facebook has more options first, we focus users like friends then automatically it reaches too many users. Someone have doubt to improve users on our Facebook account how to get more traffic. Whenever you post website link or any information on your Facebook account it can reach to all your friends anyone click your website link and share your post or like it automatically reach to more friends like chain method, for example, your account have one person his name “SAI” he liked or share your post whatever you posted that post to share “SAI” friends.

Second, If you create pages on your account dependent upon your business for example going to start online tutorial “Education” you can create one page for “online tutorial” you can share all information about tutorials like you website hyperlink, education information, and tutorial new updates etc.. After creating page mainly to focus users (like your page members) when you get more users easily you get more traffic. To give all information on your page about us, contact us, Contact number etc..
Third, Connect with more groups depend upon your business. There also mainly we focus and to join on bulk member groups like a number of friends in groups it is important because whatever you shared a post on your page that link to share you joined groups it can reach to all there also follow chain method. Your post reaches more members then automatically gets more traffic and gets more like your page.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Interview Questions

SEO Interview Questions : Top SEO Interview Questions : Search Engine Optimization Interview Questions!

Off-Page Optimization Interview Questions:

  • What is a Seo?
  • What are the Seo tools do you use ?
  • How many types in Seo?
  • What is a On-page optimizations?
  • What is a Off-page optimizations?
  • What is difference between On-page and Off-page optimization?
  • Why are you using Search Engine Optimizations?
  • What do you mean by back-link?
  • Briefly Explain About Backlink?
  • What do you mean by internal link?
  • What do you mean by external link?
  • How many strategy in Off-page optimization?
  • Explain about Social Media?
  • Use of Off-page optimizations?
  • Explain About Directory?
  • Explain About Social Book Marking?
  • Explain About Blog Commenting?
  • Explain About Press Releases?
  • Explain About Articles?
  • Explain About Classifieds?
  • Explain About Forums?
  • What is the Latest update in Seo?
  • Why are you using Alexa?
  • Why are you using Google Analytics?
  • Why are you using Webmaster Tool?
  • Why are you using Keyword Search?
  • Why are you using Open Site Explorer?

On-Page Optimization Interview Questions

  • What is On-Page Optimizations?
  • Why Are you using On-Page Optimization?
  • What is a Keyword Analysis?
  • Explain About Tittle And Description?
  • How Many Characters do you use in Tittle Tag?
  • How Many Characters do you use in Description?
  • Explain About a  Footer Text Links & Content Links?
  • What is a Keyword Discovery
  • What is a Word Tracker?
  • What is a Google Ad words and Why are Using Ad words?
  • Explain About Back Link analysis of competitors?
  • Explain About SEO Quake?
  • Explain About Yahoo Site Explorer?
  • Why are you using Google Analysis?
  • Why are you using Web Master Tool?
  • What is  mean by CRT?
  • Why are you using CRT?
  • What are present Google Updates?

Saturday, 11 February 2017

How To Create a Free Website Using Blogger

Free Blogger Creation Step by Step | How To Start Blog Easy Method

The creation of blogger step by step procedure explained below.

blogger images
  •          Create one new mail account by using Google remember the mail id name and password.
  •          Select Google app through the mail id in that one select blogger or Search in Google.
  •          Click on the “Create your blog” in blogger window.
  •          Login with your new Mail account after that select “Create a limited blogger profile” in blogger profile.
  •          Specify the site keyword name in “Display Name Box”.
  •          Continue blogger click on.
  •          It will display one blogger dash board.
  •          Click on create new blogger.
  •          Enter the title name & address, Select template in the popup box and click on create blog.
  •          Click on new post.
  •          Specify the better keyword which has more traffic by using the keyword planner write the content or describe the website information with simple and meaning full manner in the page.
  •          The different categories you can add in label which is placed at the window right side in “Post “Setting” click done.
  •          In post setting second option is schedule it is no more important but you can know. The main use of this tool is to schedule an important with a particular date and time.
  •          Next go to Settings in view blog at left side, and then you get number of options select “Basic” specify your website main title name and description.

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Free SEO Training Tutorial | SEO Course Free Online

Free SEO Tutorial 

To find any information everyone knows days depends on the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and ASK etc…
The result of your query you will get a number of website or web pages according to their ranking position among all that web pages the first position of web link done with help of search engine optimization process or search engine marketing process.
The higher rank with the help of Search engine optimization process is some risk but it is a better way at free of cost. It is a slow process until to get the higher rank of your particular website you must have more patience.
Search engine marketing is the easiest way to get more traffic within a short period of time but when compare with SEO process it is very expensive it means that we have to pay some amount for the search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc...) To get more traffic.
Search engine optimization refers to the number of techniques. It allows the improve the website traffic and web page position from a search engine. There are many strategies in SEO to improve the high volume traffic in a search engine. Mainly SEO are divided into two types like On-page optimization, Off-page optimization.
seo images
On-Page Optimization:
On-page optimization has more factors that affect search engine ranking and also improve the website traffic on the website. The following rules are used for On-page optimization.

  •          Page title (should not use more than 60 characters and title is related to primary keyword, do not use unnecessary words such as “And”, Use only “|” symbol in title when you have more words)
  •         Use of H1 and H2 format.
  •         Choose best keywords to depend upon your website related.
  •         Using ALT tag in Image. (Search engine do not read the images so add alternate text for your image.
  •         Use Meta tags related your post.

Off-page optimization: Off page optimization is a part of the SEO it is mainly used for improves the website traffic and website back links. Back lines nothing but an incoming hyperlink from one web page to another website is called high-quality incoming links.  Mainly Off-page optimization has divided into many strategies like.
Directory Submission:
Go to submit directories in google follow this procedure
After open directory link you can select  one category (dependent your business)

how to submit directory links

Select Sub Category in Directory Link
how to submit directory links
Click Submit Link Button
how to submit directory links
Select Radio Button like  Free Link OR Paid Link After Then Fill All Details in The Form
how to submit directory links
 Click Continue Button

how to submit directory links

Social Book Marking Submission: 
Go to submit Social Bookmarking in google follow this procedure
Open Social Bookmarking Site Register in Account.
Click Register and fill details in the form.
After fill in the details click Create User Button.
Now Click Submit a New Story button.
Paste Your Website URL Above showing in images then Click Continue.
Fill All Details Above Form and Click Save Changes and Submit Button.
After Click Submit button above page open in your system then click in Submit Story.
After Submit Story Click your post above show in image.
Your Social Bookmarking Successfully Submitted.

Article Submission.
Press  Release Submission.
Forum Submission.
Blog Commheent Submission.
Social Media.
Search engine submission.

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Hyderabad Today Jobs Vacancy For Freshers/Experience

Hyderabad Today Jobs Vacancy For Freshers/Experience

Urgent Recruitment For PHP Developer.
Qualification  :,B.SC,MCA.
Job Location  : Hyderabad.
Company       : Social DNA.
Salary            : 10k.
If You Want Any Information About That job Go That Company Website And Apply in Carrier .
Urgent Recruitment For SEO Analyst.
Qualification  :
Job Location  : Hyderabad.
Company       : Future INK Medium
Salary            : 40k
If You Want Any Information About That job Go That Company Website And Apply in Carrier .
Urgent Recruitment For Digital Marketing Analyst.
Qualification  :
Job Location  : Hyderabad.
Company       : Cybell Technology Pvt Ltd
If You Want Any Information About That job Go That Company Website And Apply in Carrier .
Urgent Recruitment For AXIS BANK..
Qualification : Any Degree ( etc..)
Salary            : 10-12k
Job Location  : Hyderabad.
Urgent Recruitment for C, C++ AND JAVA Candidates For Freshers.
Qualification  : (Cse/IT)
Salary             : 10-12k.
Job Location   : Madhapur
Urgent Recruitment For Any Branch Students.(CSE/ECE/EEE/CIVIL/ME)
Qualification   :
Salary              : 10-12k.

Urgent Recruitment For Pharmacy Candidates.
Qualification    : Pharmacy QC/QA.
Salary               : 8k.
Work Location : Charlapally, Hyderabad.
Lost Date         : 07/04/2016.

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Core Java MNC Interview Questions?

Core Java MNC Interview Questions?

  • which is the most widely used protocol on internet?
  • what is the difference between an executable file and a class file?
  • why java is suitable for internet?
  • why pointers are eliminated from java?
  • what is the diff b/w a function & a method?
  • Which part of JVM will allocate the memory for a java program?
  • How can you call the garbage collector?
  • What is mean by OOPS Concepts ?
  • What is abstraction, Encapsulation and Data-hiding ?
  • What is IS-A relationship, HAS-A relationship?
  • What is method overloading and overriding?
  • What is difference between string,string buffer and string builder ?
  • What are the disadvantages in arrays ?
  • Different types of collections ?
  • What are the difference between stack and array list ?
  • What is difference between hash set and tree set ?
  • When will you implement list and set ?
  • What is difference between hash table and hash map ?
  • What is difference between Error and Exception ?
  • What is difference between compile time exception and run time exception ?
  • Write a program for run-time exception ?
  • What is thread  and explain about thread life cycle ?

Friday, 13 May 2016

C# Using System Declaration

Using System Declaration In c# :

What is a Name Space?
Th e name space declaration using system: indicates that you are using the system namespace.
A namespace is used to organize your code ans is collection of classes, interfaces, structs, enums and delegates.
Main() : Main() method is the entry point into your application
Using system is like import statement java and which help us to use all the classes which are definding in that namespace.
Class Programe:
Class is the keyword to create a class we use the following Syntax.
Syntax : Class Class name.
Static Void Main :
It is the point where compailer starts its execution.
Static :
Static is a keyword it can be used before the variable and method if use static before a variable a single copy is shared throughout the programme, and if use static infront a method. We can call that methods only with the class name, not with the objects.
Void : 
Void is the return type.
Console :
Console is a class which having the ability to print something to the display (monitor or screen) and it can also read data from the user through keyword for reading we use Readline, for writing we use WriteLine.
Reading from Console Syntax : Console.ReadLine(“ Hallo C# “);
Writing from the Console Syntax : Console.WriteLine(“ Hello c#”);
Example :
//Namespace declaration
Using system;
Class Program
Static void main()
console.writeline(“welcome to c#”);

Common Operators in C# : 

Mainly common operator are divided into six types in C#.
Assignment Operator            : =
Arithmetic Operators            : +,-,*,/,%.
Comparison Operators Like : ==,!=,>,>=,<,<=.
Condition Operators Like     : &&, || .
Ternary Operators Like         : ?:
Null Operator                       : ??. 

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Tenth Results 2016 : 10th Results 2016

10th Results 2016 Andhra Pradesh And Telangana States

10th ssc results images
SSC Results Of Andhra Pradesh State: AP 10th SSC Results 2016, tenth exams date, Date sheet has been discharged alongaspect time throughout on official information processing system electronic As we tend to all grasp that every year board conducts the exams inside the month of March or April and inside identical approach AP SSC 2016 Exams square measure expected to be command inside the month of March/April as presently as a result of the Board of intermediate examinations that shall be conducted inside the first week of March 2016 and provinceGovt. has set that SSC Exams 2016 square live Schedule and command inside the month of March and April. Student ought to be alert as a results of at any time board of state Examinations of province will transfer diary on its officialinformation processing system for that you simply} just got to be compelled to kind diary of AP SSC 2016 and list ofinformation processing system square measure accessible.
Andhra Pradesh SSC Results

Telangana SSC Results

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Monday, 21 March 2016

Urgent Recruitment for .Net Freshers And Experiance Candidates

Urgent Recruitment for .Net Freshers And Experiance Candidates

Hi friends good News for you today many companies offering many jobs, Today have many job vacancyes  on .Net,Web Developer, HR  Post, Pharmacy and BPO's jobs. We provide genuine Placements For All Jobs. So who have interest contact This Number : 8341891851. (Expired)
Recruitment For .Net 2+3+ Experiance Candidates Contact Above Number.
Recruitment For HTML Candidates.
Recruitment For BPO.
Recruitment For Pharmacy.

Friday, 18 March 2016

Latest Job Openings for fresher/experience persons

Urgent Recruitment For Freshers And Experience Candidates

Hi friends good for you today many companies offering many jobs today i place jobs on .net,web developer ,hr post,pharmacy and BPO's jobs see the full description of profile and that is suitable for you attend the direct interview.You Have any doubts Contact this number: 8341891851. (Expired Date)

Urgent Recruitment For HTML Freshers Candidates 

Work Place     : Dilsukhknagar.
Salary             : 8-10k.
Qualification  :

Urgent Recruitment For HR Female  2 Years Experience Candidates.

Work Place     : Secunderabad.
Salary             : 15-20k.
Qualification   : Any Degree with Good Knowledge on English.

Urgent Recruitment For Pharmacy 2 Years Experience Female Candidates.

Work Place      : Nacharam.
Salary              : 15-20k.

Urgent Recruitment For BPO'S Male & Female Candidates Only Night Shift Timeings.

Work Place      : Banjarahills.
Salary              : 14-18k.
Qualification   : Any Degree.

Wanted .net 2+3+experience And Freshers  candidates 

Work Place      : Madhapur, Banjarahills.
Salary              : Depending on performance.
Contact            : 8341891851

Hi friends you like my post please share to your friends through Social Media. This article is very helpful to don't have job/who are waiting for good job also good package.Please forward to your friends through Facebook,Twitter,Google+ ,LinkedIn etc and you have any doubts about this post please comment below post i definitely clarify your doubts through comment.

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Urgent Recruitment For BPO And Mechanical Freshers

Urgent Recruitment For BPO And Mechanical Freshers

Urgent Recruitment For Mechanical Candidates For Freshers.
Lost Date       : 19-03-2016.
Location         : Hyderabad.
Qualification   :
Salary            : 10k to 12k.
Urgent Recruitment For BPO Candidates Male and Female With Good Knowledge on English.
Lost Date       : 19-03-2016.
Location         : Madhapur.
Qualification   : Any Degree.
Salary             : 10K To 12k.
Contact           : 8341891851. (Expired)

Friday, 11 March 2016

Urgent Recruitment For Freshers : Freshers Jobs For 2014/2015

Urgent Recruitment For Freshers

Recruitment for HTML for Freshers only For  Males (Lost Date 12/03/2016)
Place             : Dilsuhknagar, Hyderabad.
Salary           : 9k to 10k.
Qualification :
Contact          : 8341891851. 
 Recruitment for Customer Care  only For  Males (Lost Date 12/03/2016)
Place               : Banjarahills, Hyderabad.
Salary             : 8k to 9k.
Qualification  :
Contact           : 8341891851. 

Recruitment for HR  only For  Females (Lost Date 12/03/2016)
Place               : Secundrabad, Hyderabad.
Salary             : 15k to 20k.
Qualification  :
Contact           : 8341891851. 

Recruitment for TCS (Invigilators)  (Age 30-50 candidates only)
Place               : Hyderabad.
Work Days      : (Only saturday,Sunday)
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Saturday, 27 February 2016

Online Course : Android Online Training : Online Training :Android Online Training India : Android Training Online : Online Training Software :

Android Online Training : 

Online Course Information:

Android is associate degree ASCII text file package stack for a large vary of mobile devices and a corresponding ASCII text file project LED by Google. Here you'll be able to notice the knowledge andASCII text file you would like to find out additional regarding the humanoid platform.
From there you'll be able to produce custom variants of the humanoid package stack, port devices and accessories to the humanoid platform, and guarantee your devices ar compatible with thehumanoid compatibility definition.
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Online Course: Online Training : Corejava Online Training :

Core Java Online Training

Online Cource
Course info:
Java is AN object minded programing language, Developed by Sun Microsystems’s. Java Originally developed by James goose. ab initio Java referred to as as ‘OAK’. Java may be a Platform In-Dependent Language.
There ar totally different programme Interface they are:
Core Java
Advance Java
Java Enterprise Edition
Core Java may be a normal edition that applies standalone applications. it's wont to develop applications software package. the most theme of core java is ‘WORA’-“WRITE ONCE RUN ANY WHEERE”.Java may be a High level programing language.
Standalone Application is additionally celebrated to be desktop and windows based mostlyapplication.
Java Virtual Machine may be a code generator, wherever java programs execute on that. we willdevelop core java programs in several operative systems like UNIX operating system, window’s etc.
Components Core Java:
>> Secures
>> Object minded
>> potency
>> movability
>> easy
>> Plat kind freelance
>> sturdy
>> Multi-threaded
>> taken
>> High performance
>> Dynamic
Core Java programs run on JDK outfit, as java may be a Graphical interface that is AN Open supplyto develop Program’s. we will develop a program victimisation three varieties editor’s namely: Note pad, Net beans, Eclipse.
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